Run with us in 2021!

PTBO 100k / The Endurance Run that Empowers a Ministry 


3 days.

200 donations.

1 empowered ministry.

SOCIAL DISTANCE (COVID-19) UPDATE – depending on the government restirctions in place at the time of the run, those participating will either run together as planned or seperatley and in different locations. 

We will be running 100km over three days (May 14-15, 2020) to raise the funds required to empower the ministry of Disciple a City.

Across our city and naiton, believers are hungry to live with bold & obedient faith. We are increidble passionate about this! #Discipleacity has a vision to see Christians live like Jesus and effectivley share His Gospel. Now in 2020, we have amazing opportunities to equip more teams, train more disciples and continue hosting strategic events (ie. Prayer Burns & Praise Nights). With your partnerhsip, The PTBO 100K will provide the strategic funds needed to strenthen Disciple a City by covering it’s opperational ministry costs. This includes the general costs to host events like Praise Nights, Prayer Burns, evangelism training events and sending Outreach teams to equip others to share the Gospel.

We are inviting you as our BIG INCREDIBLE FAMILY to partner with this vision to see more people come to Jesus and a city transformed.

This event will raise $20,100 for Disciple a City. You can see how we intend to use this money below.

IT’s SIMPLE, pick your donation and fill out the form. Your donation(s) will empower a Jesus movement in our city and nation!

(all donations over $20 will recieve a tax receipt from Selwyn Outreach Center).

Questions? email information@discipleacity.ca

We are increidbly passionate about this!

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All Disciple a City donations and minsitry operate under the covering of Seleyn Outreach Center/The Church at Selwyn which is a registered Canadian charity: 132152786RR0001

All donations will recieve a charitable tax receipt.

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