Outreach Nights & Local Teams

We connect, train and support a growing number of outreaches, churches and small discipleship groups forming all over Ontario and Canada.

Each of these local teams is committed to weekly outreach/evangelism and discipleship.  Each team (who meet at different times and places throughout the week) can train you in:

  • 411 training (including 3 circles & 15-second testimonies)
  • How to lead others to Christ
  • House church or discipleship group training
  • How to run and sustain your own outreach ministry
  • Spiritual Gift Deployment (including healing & words of knowledge)
  • Prayer walking mobilization

If you would like to start or join a local team and begin reaching your community with the Gospel connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or by emailing us at information@discipleacity.ca

What happens when someone catches a vision for sharing their faith.

Some stories of our community sharing Jesus.