Disciple a City

Disciple a City exists to equip and move believers into God’s mission.

Are you are passionate about mission & seeing others come to Christ?

Many christians rarely share about Jesus simply because they don’t know how. We want to change that.

Here are transformative events, apps, tools and training that will equip you to move into mission and make new disciples.

Outreach Nights are local weekly evangelism events that will equip you to share the Gospel.

Tools, apps & strategies that will resource you to share your faith.

Invite a DAC team to help foster evangelism & discipleship within your team, church, organization or event.

City wide transformation events that model mission, prayer and worship.

“It’s what we’re made to do.”

When we share the Gospel, we are partnering with God to transform a city.

Equipping believers in radical life & obedience.

# d i s c i p l e a c i t y 

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