Equipping Disciples to make New Disciples.

We have adopted many of the tools from the #noplaceleft movement. These tools are easy, repeatable and biblical. They are a great way to mobilize and train others to share the Gospel.

The 3 Circles is a simple Gospel tool that anyone can use to explain the Gospel of Jesus and invite someone they know to follow Him.

The 15 Second Testimony is a simple and way for you to share how Jesus has transformed you life. The Oikos Map helps you identify who to share with.

The Discipleship Road Map. In this playlist you will find 22 brief videos that will help you make a disciple who can make another disciple. When partnered with the Holy Spirit, obedience and prayer, these tools can help you make new disciples!

// 3 Circles App //

The three circles for your phone. Share with those you love.

// 411 Disciple Making App //

This app answers the four common questions that help followers of Jesus to make a disciple who can make another disciple. It’s unbelievably helpful to equip new believers or existing believers to form a missional life. It’s the “411” of disciple making:

1. Why does God want us to make disciples?

2. Who should we talk to?

3. What should we say?

4. When should we do it?

// United Hive //

This app is testimony driven. It’s where you can share testimonies within seconds. There are thousands of stories listed and more everyday. GET AND USE THIS APP NOW!

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