Church Mobilization Project

Empower your church to impact their community.

The Church Mobilization Project is a 3-month project crafted to transform local churches and help them share the Gospel and disciple new believers.

Church Wide Evangelism Training

Practical training for your church to lead:

  • Prayer Teams
  • Local Outreaches
  • Mission Schools
  • Leadership empowerment

Leadership Development

Church pastors, boards and lead teams will access:

  • weekly leadership calls with our experienced evangelistic pastoral team
  • online resource hub to build and support your weekly services
  • Cohort learning with other church leaders pursuant of evangelistic obedience

Kingdom Culture Training

Your church will receive effective Kingdom culture training to develop:

  • a culture of evangelism
  • a culture of empowerment, encouragement and honour
  • spiritual gift deployment

The Goal //

A Mobilized Church.

We have found leaders often wrestle to see their churches and teams engage with evangelism and the discipleship of new believers for two reasons: First, individual believers and churches need simple tools and strategies to move forward. Secondly, our church culture can slow Gospel sharing.

The Church Mobilization Project provides tools and culture to ignite evangelism and discipleship in local churches!

The Specifics //

Empowered Disciples.

This project will guide your church and team through an evangelistic strategy (with weekly and monthly goals) that will result in your congregation actively sharing the Gospel of Jesus. You as a leader will grow in understanding how to steward a healthy missional culture that fuels Gospel sharing.

The Specifics (Con’t) //

Important Dates.

– July // Recieve and Accept Church Applications
-August 7 // Orientation Call for Accepted Churches
-September 17 // Mobilization Project Begins
-November 19-22 // Peterborough Missions Experience
-November 22 // Mobilization Project Finishes

Church Activations/Goals

Prayer Teams

Month One Goal //
Deploying a prayer team in your church nourishes faith and builds disciples.

The Church Mobilization Project will resource you with best practices to deploy an effective prayer team to pray for the needs in your church.

Mission School

Month Two Goal //
This church-wide activation will give every disciple the tools they need to share the Gospel with those they know and love.

Living Rooms

Month Three Goal //
This church-wide activation will equip the members of your church with simple bible study tools so they can disciple new believers at church, in small groups or in their own living rooms.

Start an Outreach

Month Three Goal (ongoing) //
Your church will learn to lead and host an outreach ministry to fuel an evangelistic culture.

Leadership Development

Weekly Anchor Calls

Every Tuesday at 1:00 pm EST there will be a weekly anchor call to resource and lead you through the 3-month intensive. These calls will help you lead your church into missional obedience.

Resource Hub

Access the compiled resource hub which will provide you with sermon ideas and videos to encourage your church into evangelsim and discipleship.

Cohort Learning

Iron sharpens iron. You will be in intentional contact with the other leaders and churches in the 3-month intensive. You will both be blessed and be a blessing to the others desiring to see their churches become evangelistic.

Kingdom Culture

Kingdom Culture Calls

The bi-weekly Kingdom Culture calls are crafted to model and impart the realities of the Kingdom of God.

Join and learn how good culture and theology lead toward missional obedience and transformation for your church.

Access our Coaches

Access our ministry coaches who are available to encourage and sharpen you to lead.

Prophetic Encouragement

God has placed you on the planet for a specific reason. Our trusted prophetic team will be meet with you at three preselected times during the project.

Spiritual Gift Deployment

Spiritual gifts are effective tools for mission.

The 3-month intensive will help you understand and deploy the gifts in your church in both health and fruitfulness.

Approximate Schedule //

This is not a final schedule nor are some of these dates firm. This simply provides a sample schedule for of the time investment of this project.


Meet the Team //

Invested Leaders.

The Church Mobilization project is comprised of a team of pastors, leaders and missionaries with over 110+ years of experience. Your church and leadership will receive from a team who are passionate practitioners of evangelism and the discipleship of new believers.

Paul Pattison

Senior Pastor // Glad Tidings, Moncton

Debbie Hanks

Church Mobilization Coordinator // Disciple A City

Adam Shepski

Executive Director // Disciple A City

Drew Maxwell

Senior Pastor // Calvary United, St. Jacob’s

Sarah Barr

Team Sending Coordinator // Disciple A City

Melissa Shepski

Co-Director // Disciple A City


Disciple A City has been an invaluable resource in equipping our people for evangelism and introducing them to the abundant life Jesus promised. With each session believers grow in confidence to share the Gospel and to minister spiritual gifts. // Paul Pattison, Senior Pastor

Paul Pattison, Senior Pastor

I’ve interacted with hundreds of ministries on six continents and can easily say that Disciple a City is the most transformative and generous ministry I have encountered. Our people are changed because of your obedience and wisdom. You equip people for the works of ministry in a brilliant way. // Kim Unrau, Senior Leader of Living Stones Network Kelowna

Kim Unrau, Senior Leader of Living Stones Network Kelowna

The DAC team, sharing their testimonies of sharing the gospel, took away all my excuses as to why I couldn’t or wasn’t willing to. I was challenged to look at scripture and see how Jesus lived on earth and how I am supposed to model this same lifestyle. // Jamie Klassen

Jamie Klassen

In there a Cost?


The cost of the Church Mobilization Project is $1500.00 for each participating church***. This ensures your investment and covers the resource costs associated with the 3-month intensive. After your application, interview and acceptance into the Church Mobilization Project (starting this September 2024), you will be provided with the payment instructions.

We are excited to share that during the project in November 2024, your team is invited to travel to particpate in a 3-day missions intensive event in Peterborough, Ontario with our Disciple a City team. This event will provide the impartation and modelling you are looking for to ignite mission in your church. You will be required to cover your travel and accommodations.

***Your payment for this project speaks of your investment to see your church mobilized. It is an important factor for us to weigh which churches and leaders we accept into the project. However, we do not want money to be a limiting factor in your decision to participate in this project. Please let us know on your application if the cost of this project impedes your ability to be a part of it. We would be happy to have a conversation regarding finances. 


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