// Why Partner with Disciple A City?

Partnering with Disciple A City provides churches, individuals and organizations with evangelism training and discipleship tools for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in Canada.

The potential of fulfilling the Great Commission will be accomplished in Canada through the equipping and sending of every disciple. This is why Disciple a City exists and why we honour you as a prayer and financial partner. Your partnership with this ministry is foremost for the evangelization of Canada.

We thank God for you whenever our team and those we train have the joy of seeing others come to Christ.

Our team is beyond thankful for your love, prayers and generosity.

These three brief videos share how partnering with Disciple a City impacts Canada.

This is the impact of our ministry partners through the mission of Disciple a City

We were so blessed by Disciple A City! The conference, along with the video series, continues to have an impact.  Simple, practical, and powerful! We have only just begun and are thankful for what God will do through this. Thank you.

Pastor Corey Copeland

Dartmouth, NS

Join us in Prayer!

The Disciple A City Prayer Call is on the third Monday of the Month at 7 pm EST.

During these facilitated prayer calls, we pray for the accomplishment of the Great Commission in Canada, the mission of DAC and the needs of our partners.

Join on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 867 4993 0734