About #discipleacity


Our vision is believers who boldly and obediently share the Gospel to make reproducing disciples. We love to see incredible people become transformative in the way they share and live the Gospel of Jesus! We foster radical life and obedience in the family of God by hosting evangelism, discipleship, prayer and worship events. More than all the activity we are a team of friends with a core value of family. We have committed to one another that we will never host an event or ministry at the expense of friendship or fun!


Over the past years #discipleactiy has grown in new believers, leaders and events. With the growth and opportunities that the Lord has provided this ministry, our core team agreed to move #discipleacity under the covering of Selwyn Outreach Center (beginning January 2020) in order to serve the increasing opportunities to train and equip more believers, leaders, churches and organizations in radical life and obedience. Working with Selwyn Outreach Center has provided #discipleacity with the ability to hire/build a team that inspires evangelism to spark across Canada and beyond.