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Activate: Identity

At the Activate workshop (03/07/2020), Stephen Burns shared an increidble message explaining how the cross of Jesus, made us new creations and capable of having intimacy with God in Christ.

(55 mins)

The Importance of Miracles

(11/20/2019) Adam Shepski shares with a missioanry team in Namibia the importance of miracles and how they remind us that we have recieved a Kingdom.

(65 mins)

Activate: Healing

At the Activate workshop (03/07/2020), Ann-Marie Covert shared how God is good and desires to heal. With tact and heart, she addresses the common questions around “does God still heal today?” and gives tools to begin praying for others yourself.

(46 mins)

3 Circles App

(For your iPhone or iPad)

The 3 Circles App will give you a simple way to share the Gosple and lead another to Christ.

411 Discipleship App

(for your iPhone and iPad)

The 411 Discipleship App gives you a clear road map in how to disciple a new or existing believer and train them to reach others with the Gospel.